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Biometric Attendance System

Vigilant is a leading provider of biometric hardware and software systems with improved security, efficiency and high performance identity management.

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CCTV Surveillance System

Vigilant offers a plethora of superior quality CCTV and surveillance systems to secure your Buildings, Offices, and Homes.

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Vigilant invites you with a bundle of administrations in Web Design, Web Development and Web Applications.

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Vigilant Techno Services is a Pune based Company leading provider of security system that are custom designed to prevent any unauthorized access and monitor critical entry points. We are Distributors for Complete Security and Software Solutions with eSSL Biometric Attendance. We have a well-established track record and our services have always met with great customer satisfaction. eTimetrack lite & Smart Office(Desktop & Web Base)time attendance software is Useful for Shops , Offices, Education institutes, Factory,Government offices.

Our top priority has always been accomplishing maximum customer satisfaction through the delivery of optimum quality products. We offer a high performing range of Electronic Security Systems. These products are checked on quality from the time of sourcing from well-known vendors on several parameters like durability, superb visibility and effectual operation.

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Access Control Systems were considered a security tool that let authorized personnel enter a building or area. While many people still think of access control in these terms, advanced access control systems boast a variety of tools and benefits that are often overlooked.

Beyond traditional security, access control systems can help any organization increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs by enabling integration with a large variety of workforce products and solutions.

Biometric attendance systems and Attendance Software are quickly gaining foothold in most offices and institutions, all thanks to an increased need for transparency and accountability, flexible work culture, and a mobile workforce.

To make our Attendance Software & Leave Management and Tracking Features features even more robust, we've roped in eSSL, who are the largest in India in terms of volume and distribution network for Biometric Attendance Systems.

CCTV surveillance cameras provide enhanced security with utmost clarity and with ease of access,Anyone can handle the CCTV surveillance cameras with ease if they have access to them.

You can connect the CCTV surveillance system to your mobile phone and without any computer of laptop you can easily access the live streaming of the recordings.At offices, the crucial situations like fire, burglary, and other security breaches can be easily recorded and can be used for future investigation purposes

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